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Belial 7 - Fancy rat by DianePhotos Belial 7 - Fancy rat by DianePhotos
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Another shot of my beautiful old boy, he looked so innocent and sweet here...
Maybe not as funny or cute as the one with the strawberry but this photo really tells a lot about how sweet he was :heart:
I miss him VERY very much :tears: RIP my little angel...

It is one of my all-time favorite photos, I really think I captured him here. I may have to print it for myself, this picture is quite dear to me.

Bélial, black husky (roan) dumbo, born inbetween June 2007 and january 2008, deceased August the 5th 2010...

He was a rescue rat so I didn't know his exact age.
He was rescued from a breeder who abandonned all his breeding stock : over 60 rats…
All of them suffered from several diseases, many of them died because they had suffered too much and couldn't heal anymore.
I took six of these ratties home as a foster family and adopted two of them. The four other ones have found great families, the other ratties from the same rescue mission have found homes too.

Bélial was a very cuddly rat, not an energetic boy (he much prefered having his head scratched, licking fingers and sleeping on my knees). He was very smart and although he was the alpha rat, he was always gentle and protected the newcomers. He was also a sweetheart who loved people and always asked for cuddles, he would fall asleep on his back when I scratched his belly...


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abstractjet Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh i love all of your adorable rats..i too love rats..they are the smartest and sweetest of creatures..Each one makes my heart melt!!!
BlueWolf95 Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2012
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katamaci456 Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
rats can be cute but to me such a cute pet
SoulEchoe Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Excuse me while I favorite all of these adorable rat photos.
jayfeather368 Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2012  Student Filmographer
Omg this is so gorgeous! I love all of your pictures!
IceyGrohl444 Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2012
oh my kittens all of your rat pictures are SOOO SOO CUTE

i wish rattas lived longer :'( they're the best pets
Fantasy-JG Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2012  Hobbyist
Sorry about your loss, he seems so sweet! <3
MemoriesOfSorrow Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2012
beautiful :D
jaksy20 Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2011
How perfectly adorable!
Jereth-Bane Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2011  Student Digital Artist
Omg:la:!!!!!!!!!!!!!! heeeees so cute :aww:
mragonrider Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Aww! this is a wonderful picture to remember a lost rattie friend by!:) I know how it feels to lose a good old friend. Some people ask me why I would want to keep them as pets when they only live a couple years, but I ask, how could i live those two years without them? :D Anyway...awesome job with this shot!:D
LilyBanshee Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2011
I love the way you capture all of your ratties! My girl I have now looks very similar to this boy (she is also a roan dumbo), Sorry for your loss. People who say "it's just a rat" have never had the pleasure of seeing how wonderful they are and how they all have their own little personalities! You're a good person for taking your ratties in, my girls are also rescue rats! Gorgeous photos, all of them ! x
hurricanelily Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
It hurts that they only have a 3 year life span. I know you miss him. This is a beautiful pic.
kerimheper Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2010  Professional Photographer
Very good shot
Light ,glow in the eyes , backround , depth of field ,bokeh on the left side , glass surface under tiny paws of it :)
Hockeychic13 Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2010
so cute! great pic. I have nothing against rats but the tails creap me out. *shivers*
LOPEZFRIAS Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2010
SleepingEvil Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2010
He's a very, very pretty rat and has the most curious expression, very wise, gentle and collected. I would have liked to know him, if this is the essence of who he was. ^^
joce13 Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2010  Student Traditional Artist
Bélial reminds of Zoey. She was an albino lab rat we had in class, and I got to take her home. She was the sweetest little rat. I still remember her licking my fingers and trying to steal my mac and cheese. Unfortunately we had to put her to sleep because of mammary tumors. :[ I'm sure they're both running around in rat heaven now tho. :3
RayValentine Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2010
Aww he's so cute. Such a sad story, but this shot seems to embody the gentle rat you described
lakaddy Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2010  Student Writer
So sweet! I've been wanting to get rats for a while now... awwww.... :iconilavplz:
ShabzDen Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2010
like his innocent luks...:)
StardustWings Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2010  Hobbyist Photographer
This is a absolutely heart-melting picture. He had a very strong and loving soul; you can even see it in these cute button eyes.
I think he is sitting on his own, very fluffy cloud now and enjoying rat heaven - I am sure it is very exciting and beautiful there.
DianePhotos Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2010
Thank you very much for your nice comment, you made my day :hug:
I really miss him, he was a wonderful rattie and it really showed in his eyes indeed... thanks again!
StardustWings Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2010  Hobbyist Photographer
lilah66 Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2010
Your little boy reminds my of my sweet Sophie. I love my rats to pieces but there is always that one rat that seems to love only you
and Sophie would get that expression on her little face. I miss my Sophie and I know our babies have given their salutations in heaven![link]
DianePhotos Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2010
I couldn't agree more indeed, some ratties have this very special way to look at you... Sorry about your little Sophie, may she rest in peace :heart:
Thanks for your nice words!
CityUndead Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2010
Sooo cute <3 I have two dumbos m'self.
Obscurography Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2010
Is it me or are his eyes really dark?
DianePhotos Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2010
His eyes were black, he wasn't an albino rat but a black husky (also called roan) one, which means his color faded away as he was ageing but he still had some black hairs remaining.
There are also BEW (black eyed white) ratties, I fostered his "putative son" (a younger rattie who looked just like him from the same rescue mission) who was a BEW [link]
White rats with black eyes do exist even if most photos of white rats are about PEW (pink eyed white, or albino) which are much more common than BEW.
Obscurography Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2010
Very informative! I'm still not really good at all that 'genetical' colors & eyes stuff :)
bettyfelon Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2010
what a face :)
yellowsmoke321 Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I love the pure white of his fur with blue backdrop..
redheadClover Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2010  Hobbyist Photographer
Oh my gosh. I absolutely love the story behind this. I am a fellow rat lover. I had a Dumbo for almost 5 years before he passed away. Rats are the sweetest things and so many people have a huge misconception about them. I love your work. This is beautiful. :]
redheadClover Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2010  Hobbyist Photographer
Oh my gosh. I absolutely love the story behind this. I am a fellow rat lover. I had a Dumbo for almost 5 years before he passed away. Rats are the sweetest things and so many people have a huge misconception about them. I love your work. This is beautiful. :]
DisneyPhan01 Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Belial looks adorable here. :) I'm sorry for your loss; from what you said, he seemed like a loving lil' rattie. :)
sbslink Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2010
Yeah, he really does look sweet in this picture. And he looks so good against that nice blue background ^^ sorry to hear he is gone though.
Bravewing Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2010
Hope you don't mind but I featured you here ---> [link] :D
Lunar-Ray Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2010  Professional Photographer
aww so precious :love: reminds me of a rat I had. Rats are absolutely amazing creatures....
8bubblez8 Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2010
PeachGirl123 Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2010
So Lovely <3
fanficbug Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I really love all the pictures of your rats, and I especially love your descriptions of them. It shows that you really care about them. :heart:
SilverFallz Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2010
:tombstone: R.I.P. Bélial. I'm sure you're in a happy place now.
wolf118 Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2010
they are adorable...did u name them?
Cristin Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2010
Those sleepy lil eyes! I do love how you set up all your photos. Like, they could be in a calendar. And I would shoplift that calendar.
Tsiki10 Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
:iconcheeringplz:Soo Cuutee !!!
lachatnu Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2010
Too Too Cute!
JakeNickleby Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2010
Aw, lovely!
NinjuhBunneh Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2010
i had a male rat, poe, that looked just like him except the fact that poe had a creme hood.
Zainaab Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2010
WoW..Very beautifull and great choise og color ;)

Keep it up
AZ-designer Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2010  Hobbyist Photographer
nice shot
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