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Rescue Stamp by DianePhotos Rescue Stamp by DianePhotos
Ok, I know people will not like this, and I honestly don't care.

I've been working with animal shelters and rescuing abused rats for 2 years now and seeing so many people breeding their pets just because they think babies are cute / want to keep only one of them / think it's too complicated to separate sexes / just don't care about their animals and think the new ones will just replace the old ones as if they were objects really saddens me.

Why so?

When you're breeding your pets, the newborns somehow "steal" homes from all the animals already awaiting for a home. And I really mean it.
Sure, you'll give the babies to your friends or you've already found good families for them, or maybe you'll keep them all, but why not adopting a homeless animal instead? Why being selfish and wanting to see babies while you could be saving an animal who may be put to sleep anyday if no one adopts it?
Why not just getting an animal from a responsible breeder who has real breeding ethics (paying attention to animals health/behavior/longevity instead of just "how look, pretty colors and markings !!!" ) if you can't find one in a shelter?

Your animal does not feel the need to have babies, this is anthropomorphism. Babies are cute, right. But there are also abandonned babies in animal shelters, rescue litters, kittens, pups, baby rodents, etc...

Animal shelters are full of animals (not only cats and dogs but rodents, reptiles, birds, farm animals, etc...), they actually can't house all the abandonned ones so they have to put many of them to sleep. Don't say that's not true, I've worked there, I know what happens. Do not participate to the mass-killing of animals by breeding your pets.

Have your pets spayed or neutered, please... Respect animals and their lives. If you don't want to neuter your pets then don't allow them to roam with the opposite sex.

If you let your non-neutered cat roam in the streets, he will most likely mate with dozens of stray cats, which only adds to the already overwhelming amount of stray animals. Plus your cat could catch the FIV (feline immunodeficiency virus) or FELV (feline leukosis) when mating with a sick stray cat, do you really want this to happen?
I don't think so.

Go visit an animal shelter, open your eyes please, I know baby animals are cute but is it really worth risking yet another life just for the sake of cute faces ? I don't think so.

To make my point more clear : I have nothing against GOOD breeders who have responsible ethics and breed animals according to their health/longevity but seeing kids breeding their cats (or any other animal) because "the kittens are sooooo cute" and people refusing to neuter their animals while they let them roam free in the streets and mate with other animals (which contributes to the insane amount of homeless animals) makes me SICK.

Based on $zilla774's stamp template : [link]

Eyes photos are from my own photographs of rescue rats :
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snowkitten23 Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
(I know this is a old comment but this needs to be said.)Because there are more animals in the world then people will adopt.If a animal in a shelter does not get adopted they put it to sleep.Did you know every 9 seconds a animal somewhere on this earth is being put down?Why breed more animals when there are countless animals in shelters that need homes?
Fb-PHE13 Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I agree! Thank you for making this!
Ningyoplug Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Don't have children. Adopt some. 8D
Sabaku-No-Kaze Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2013  Student General Artist

Holy Odin, so much THIS.

I totally agree. Never want any children myself, but I completely agree with this statement. KUDOS TO YOU. 8D
fairlyflawed Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I agree with this so very much. Both of my aunt's cats are rescued. Her Siamese, Winslow, was a gift to us from her that we found at a pound, reminding us of her old cat, Christopher Simon, that had disappeared several years ago. He's had plenty of health problems. Her other cats, a Ragdoll Calico mix, Sedona, she found on her porch several years ago, starved and covered in fleas, and she took her in.

My dogs are all bred or petshop dogs. However, I'm glad they're with us - otherwise I couldn't imagine them on the streets. That's a right in its own, as all animals need a home, regardless of where from. The breeders we received them from though...our cockapoo, Havoc, was the last of a litter without the parents, and our dachshunds, Fideau and Furgie, are from these Kent Island Breeders who keep their females and males separate until all of the litter is sold, and make sure all dogs are good, healthy, and long-living. Our old cats, who were given away to a coworker of my father's who's father had just died and was craving company of a good cat, Desi and Lucy, were the only two left under a completely dead litter of cats, including the parents, which had given birth under ten tons of steel. It's truly remarkable.

I'm glad you made this stamp - more people need to be aware that they need to be more careful with their animals and where they come from and whether they are bred or not. I really hope that someday, all shelters can be no-kill, at the very least. The best case scenario would be if they all had homes. Anyway, sorry for the long comment; this just really struck me.
Math-X Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2012  Student General Artist

I love you for this c:

walnutpooh Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2012
I went to a cat breeder's house once. ALL the cats were kept in one room (except for the horny males kept in cages, which lived on a deck). I swear there was over 50 cats in there. They looked sad. They also had worms and diarrhea. I don't know how these idiots get awards for breeding cats. :no:
deviantdolphin Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2012
Yes,THANKS SO MUCH FOR THIS! I help out at a marine animal rescue center (wishing to be a marine biologist) and an animal shelter. I've been helping cats and dogs find homes for a while now.
RecklessJester Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I totally and completely agree with this stamp.
SpazzinCat Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I hate breeders. :(
Renay89 Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
<3 <3 <3 <3
Mafia-Queen Featured By Owner May 5, 2012  Student Photographer
my staffy Herbie is a rescue dog ^^ He's my best friend, but when we got him everyone said, Oh don't get a rescued dog especially not a staffy! stupid people ><
Fox-UNDEAD Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2012
My dog Yuki was adopted ^^~ My dad's and mom's friend caught it and took it to an animal shelter for us to adopt it.
Henva Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2012  Student Digital Artist
unless your pets just choose for them selves is they what to breed or not, i have both male and female budgie, one was from the side of the road and abandoned and the other was from an aviary giving away free birds to good homes. They have a nest box in there, but they don't breed, the female likes to sit in there and stuff and play around with the wood. But if the two DO choose to breed, that's their choice not mine... if they DO choose to make a little budgie family, i would be most happy for them :) But forced breeding in animals should NOT be aloud, especially when they're in it for the money :no:

Now my birds are happy as can be, they have a love life, the female, Tashi gets lots of cuddles and the male, Cookie is happy, cheeky and naughty. They even have their own cage 'maid' the quail chook, who i suppose i 'saved' from the pet shop, because she was very skinny and almost featherless at the time..

Is anyone even reading this? lol
R-Wild-R Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I read this
HyenaWolf123 Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2012
i read it XD
ghostwolfen Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
I got my first dog from a breeder, however we DID look at shelter dog's first however none were suitable to us or as a family the only dog in there that came close was a beautiful Labrador however at the time we had a rabbit and he was notorious for killing/chasing rabbits and to have him around would cause my other animals too much stress. I think it is important to look at shelters as your first base for an animal however sometimes you can't find the right animal to suit your lifestyle,family,other pets or your home because of the shelter animals temperament, past life or bad start-training from when (for dogs mainly) it was younger.

I think the main issue isn't good breeders its when people cannot be "arsed" to spay or neuter their animals and dump the "unwanted" offspring off at the shelters. I do think that people should at least try to first look at shelters and the animals there however I can understand if people want to have a puppy or a kitten and to start a "fresh" without medical issues or temperament issues (that some owners don't want to be put on with and I know that sounds bad but I can understand that mainly if you have a family or you just don't have the time to re-train that animal). However if you are experienced in that animal and you have the time or that shelter animal is perfect for you adopt.

Bad breeders are a problem
People who cannot be arsed to neuter or spay their pets are the biggest problem
Good breeders are not the problem on the mass basis.
WolfPaws123 Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2012  Student Digital Artist
breeding is important :c
DomoKunnnn Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2012
Not when there is overpopulation. :/
rosiEwoLF47310 Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
oh wow, ikr...its just some people u know...but im just glad that there are people i guess ^_^ :la:
NAMEY-D0G Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Love this stamp. ^_^ Every animal we've ever owned has been a rescue. (That's upwards of 50 pets in my lifetime, including DOZENS of cats, dogs, hamsters that were left in a box on a sidewalk, a baby rattie who was in our local shelter, and even a few goldfish that were temporary guys in the same shelter.)

I've been working with two shelters in my county, fostering cats and kittens, and it just breaks my heart to walk in, sign my papers and go see who I'm being paired with every few months. :'(
So many poor little critters get put down due to the freak hoarders/breeders who're more focused on making money. In fact, during my last visit to pick up my foster kittens, I was told that the mother of one of my many old litters had been put down because they didn't have the space to keep her anymore. I broke down right there in the lobby...

Sometimes I really can't stand people!
jollywrecker92 Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2011   Traditional Artist
I think some of the best examples of this is the deal with Pitbulls. Which are by far the sweetest dogs by the way, I had one just hugging me and licking my face and doing da happy wiggles too. If one were to go onto Craigslist and search under Pets, they'll find tons of them in Shelters prepared for death. Yet when you examine the ads, you'll find nothing but a bunch of damn Pitbull puppies by some damn backyard breeders or greedy bastards. Stop breeding and start adopting. That's where I got my Doberman from. She's dumb as a rock, but she is a good dog.
kaikaku Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
I generally agree with this, but since I'm a fishkeeper, I actually wish more people were breeding certain species of fish! There are fish whose only hedge against extinction might be to get them established in the aquarium trade. Their environments are going to be destroyed, and even if we can stop that, we can't necessarily solve the problem of invasive species that have already gotten out and continue to spread.

But yes, for common household pets, adopt, don't breed!
arblos Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2011
Why can't we breed animals? I breed fish.
Ravener01 Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2011
I'm a gerbil breeder, and I can only agree with you. A bunch of people come at me saying that the pet shop gave them a pairing, while they say they want two of the same sex ( but didn't confirm themself >< ) and that they have babies and don't know what to do with them. I also have a lot of people who are like oh well, I'll just sell the babies, I don't want to divided my pairing because they are too cute ! Well, if your female DIE because she had to many babies in so little time, don't cry...

I find it really sad that a lot of people don't care of the animal being just because they are cute and whatsoever.

Sometimes, friends take me to pet shop just to watch the animals and when I see them, I just want to take them all, make them feel better and place them in GOOD families.

I don't want my gerbils to become like those in the pet shop, so I made contract with the family where my babies goes. So I can contact them any time if I want to have news.
Tylon Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2011  Professional Artist
I know a lot of it (at least where I am from) is people can't afford to get their pets fixed or frankly really don't care and throw the animal outside. We have taken in strays, can't say I really like it since they are miserable things, but we have cats all the time abandoning their young; and have friends who try to find homes for them if possible. It's sad... they also don't really tend to last either and get eaten off by coyotes and hawks and what not. People just think its ok to let their pets wander around; then they go missing... and then its like OK well there's plenty more so just take that one, right? ... I don't really like animals (more of an amphibian/ reptile fan) mainly because my family deals with strays and most of our cats even as kittens were always aggressive and I really am not much of a fan of that. And I understand its instinct, but it's like people go through so many pets and there's so many around because people don't fix their pets. They eventually wander off looking for mates, then come to find out you find their collars somewhere with patches of fur then its a big deal because something got to them and ate them. I know people who have worked or know people at shelters who take in hurt or stray animals; and it was really nice how they would bring them to classrooms with children and what not. The issue is it isn't exactly the cheapest thing; however I was told (at least where we are) low budget families can get their animals fixed with no charge. We always have our pets sprayed; but living in the middle of the woods... there's always strays and people who really don't care. Its sad, and when they don't have homes, they stand no chance to the predators. Compared to the cities; where the poor things really have no place to go or hide and often get taken in or hit by vehicles or just roam. I just have a problem with people not understanding that all living things should be valued; including reptiles, amphibians and bugs and insects. More so, how inhumane people can be when it comes to things that aren't portrayed as "furry and cute". Those things have feelings too and are alive and breathing. People also abandon them, then they end up getting killed... it's just sad how disgusting people can be. I was always odd, I never really found baby animals cute (don't really like things with fur personally)... my roomates all make fun because they ogle and talk about puppies and kittens, i'm more fascinated in tarantulas. Truth is, you are right people don't think of those things, and people really don't care, it's sad... and true. It is all about teh "cute" factor (though I don't really get it). I just felt like I had to comment; I deal with people all around me who leave their pets outside unfixed, who would come around and start fights with out pets who were fixed; ended up all missing at the same time. Six cats gone within a week. Found collars here and there. I guess probably in the woods with predators, you don't see it as much; things just go missing and people move on because there are new ones to replace them, like you said "cute" little kittens or puppies. Then years later you find collars and bones and this and that. We even had an issue with a family of bald eagles taking out peoples small dogs by a nearby campground that were wandering around. Then those stray animals that get picked up and get fixed and put back are just bait; poor things with no place, no home. At least that is how it is where I am.

See it all the time. There are so many animals in shelters; why not give them a home? There's plenty of animal lovers out there. They just need to smarten up.
Clicker10 Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
I work for a rescue group too and i can't tell you how many dogs we have brought up from the states or from other rescues that are overflowing and must put some of their animals to sleep. This would not bee happening if people just spayed and neutered their pets!!!
shewolf51 Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
What I really don't like is when people refuse to spay/neuter their pets because they feel it's wrong to take that option away from their pets. Yet, they don't research how the animal will act if it isn't neutered/spayed and think that everything will be fine and dandy, then act surprised when their male cat starts spraying and other such things.
crimsonsaphire Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2011
I got a purebreed russian blue cat from the shelter. The reason why I got her is not because of her breed but because I loved her personality. I still love my kitty now :)
Dark-Scratcher Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2011
>>>Ok, I know people will not like this, and I honestly don't care.

That's strange that you don't care.

When I tell our people about castration of their pets and all profit which it brings, they look at me like " :iconwthewwplz: Are you serious? No way." And I care about their reaction, because this reaction shows how hopeless they are - so there's no hope for thousands of poor pets who will breed and breed and breed...
zaz14ispottermad Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2011  Student Photographer
I have to say that sometimes it isnt completely the owners fault though, one of my friends cats was found out to be pregnant when she was supposed to be going in to be spade, that was quite rotten luck. all of my animals have come from responsible breeders who we trusted and they were all the runt of the litter, and all the babies the animals were sold to friends of the family
YoshimiJoy Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
I completely agree. I volunteer at a dog shelter and they told me something that really made it clear to me just how many animals need saved. And this is just for dogs. It doesn't include cats, rats, rabbits, etc. They said, if each person owned at least 7 dogs, then there would be no dogs left in shelters in the US. Not just 7 per house, but 7 per person. There are 5 people living in my house. That means we would have 35 dogs in this one house. If people would just stop breeding their animals, then the overpopulation problem would lessen immensely.
Sontine Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2011   Digital Artist
I was talking with my friend about this yesterday.

I feel guilty about raising so many litters of kittens. I've always thought they just stayed in the shelter forever if they didn't get adopted. Now I don't want to give up my cat that I've been contemplating getting rid of, because I don't want him to be put down in a shelter. I have a strong feeling no one would want him because he's almost completely black and very timid.
SachNata Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2011
Thank you for this stamp!!

My grandmother owns a rescue poodle. She was very nervous around us, but we worked with her for almost a year, and the result is amazing!! Though she is till afraid, she has gone a lot more confident and is able to sleep without worry. She is always happy so see us, and wags her tail as if it will come off!! It's all thanks with the help of my family and my Cocker Spaniel, Lady. Whom she takes in ANY animals, no matter what breed they are she will accept them all. Literally.
batwoman001 Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2011
:highfive: Beautiful message!
Ivory648 Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2011
my parents raise dogs, but i wanted to adopt one from a shelter because 1.a lot of them get put down so it would be nice to save one of them, 2.ive seen some really pretty mixes and have always wanted one X3 i couldn't get one though, because the dogs in shelters have been exposed to so many things that it could easily make ours sick,(we've had animals get sick just from people coming out to look at them without whipping off their shoes) so i went to a good breeder instead and got Holly [link] :3 i agree with you on the kids breeding their pets thing, its quite stupid when they have no idea what their doing -_-
noeldragon Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i try to adopt but here in bend often there arent many animals in shelters or up for adoption which is a good thing though
JWiesner Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2011  Professional
I support that! :)
But I also understand it when people breed, because most of them wanna make sure the offspring will be healthy and not die too soon by illnesses or genetic illnesses (you know, dog race breeding and such). I'll adopt animals from animal shelters but I'll not be mad at people that get their pets from good breeders. :shrug:

I have to disagree with your sentence "Your animal does not feel the need to have babies" though. I've seen a female dog that started to get interested in young ones, almost motherly. But so far she had no chance to mate because the owners wouldn't let her. Just saying, not ALL animals do not feel the need to have babies, actually it's a thing to expect in nature. I hope this didn't sound angry or something. BUT I say yes to neutering to avoid too many stray animal babies. :[
Akerin Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2011
I know this is kind of old, but I just had to pop in... I think what they meant by "Your animal does not feel the need to have babies" was that they don't sit around the house all day thinking "Ho-hum~ I really want to have a baby" like a human woman does. Animals' desire to reproduce is instinctive, as is the desire to nurture younger animals. This is especially true in dogs who would all help to nurture the puppies in a wild pack. :) But they don't consciously think about how great it would be to be a mommy the way humans do.
JWiesner Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2011  Professional
Ah I understand. :)
Kaia-Ulv Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I agree! I rescued my dog when he was going to get put down, I got one bred dog a long tiMe ago and she was my first. ADOPT!!
Leewano Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
i like this stamp because it is true....hmm where i live i do not believe pet rodents are the biggest issue (though i am sure they are still irresponsibly bred..), but people do breed their cats and snakes to the point that people cant get rid of them (shelters are too full) and so abandon them in cities or the "wild." its so sad and frustrating...i have a rescued snake at home actually. she's absolutely adorable >.<
foxfanforever Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2010  Hobbyist Photographer
ZOMG that albino rat looks like mine! :heart:
sOLie-photo Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2010
basically, i agree- unless you are qualified to breed animals in a responsible manner and have a good reason for doing so, you shouldn't breed your pets. i've only had one instance in which my pet had babies: my sweet little gerbil, jewel (RIP). when i adopted her, i was told that she was a few weeks younger than she actually was. this may not seem like a big deal, but a few weeks is enough time for her to go from being a baby to being old enough to mate, which is exactly what she did with another gerbil in her cage before we found her. three days later, i get home from school, walk upstairs to greet her as usual, and find 8 newborn gerbils and a very cranky mother. i kept a few of them, but most were distributed among some people who i knew would take good care of them, and the vet, who just happened to be in a position to take in a few new rodents. they all lived at least 3 years, and Jewel lived to be 4 1/2. RIP :tombstone: Jewel, Midgi, Cloudy, Ali, Shay, Mila, Waffle, Snuffs, Cercese, Laire, Banjo, and Renae :tears: :heart: :floating: :heart:
Kin-the-Fox Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2010
Very much agreed TwT
KissTheThunder Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
I tell this to friends of mine constantly and they tell me "My animal is so beautiful, he would make beautiful babies" and they just DON'T GET the overpopulation of animals that have no homes and are unwanted....My friend has the audacity to SELL her mutt puppies....

There's also a neighborhood tom-cat that got all my female cats pregnant before we could get them spayed! (they were still SO YOUNG, it must have been their first heat) and it was a scramble to try and get them fixed before they had more babies!!

I support this stamp, in every stinkin way possible.
LittlePuppyStar Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2010

Thank you SOOO much for making this stamp! I AGREE out of words!

And when people breed their pets, it REALLY ticks me off, too :/
Nerrial Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2010
I am against breeding pets just because "oh look the babies are so cute" too. It angers me.

I've once came across a person, who owned a female guinea pig and was told, by a veterinarian (!) (apparently, I only had this person's word on it), that every sow needed to get pregnant at least once to be healthy.

This person planned to adopt a boar just so their guinea pig would have babies. When confronted about what would happen to the baby pigs, this person said s/he always could give them to a zoo as food for snakes or something \:
Fairyjar18 Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2010  Student Interface Designer
you know to me it is fascinating that in those shelters they take care of rats...there are so many abandonded pets here in honduras...and in terrible conditions, i have rescued some cats and i find them an owner to adopt them but you have no idea what horrible things i have seen. My dream is to build an animal refugee here in honduras, and save as many animals as i can... i completely agree with u
Creyn Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2010  Student Digital Artist
I want to adopt pets instead of get them from a store or breeder, but people tell me I shouldn't do that as they usually have diseases that will make them live a very short life. :( Still, I'd like to adopt some, so what I'm saying is that I agree with you!
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